Italian showgirl, model, and actress Pamela Camassa Image 1

Italian showgirl Pamela Camassa (3 Images)

Born in Prato, Italy, Pamela Camassa is an Italian showgirl, model, and actress.

Italian showgirl, model, and actress Pamela Camassa Image 2

Pamela Camassa started her career with the film Via del corso in 2000. Her most recent film appearance is I delitti del BarLume (2016). Also, she made appearances in television including Selfie – Le cose cambiano (2017), Maxinho do Brazil (2014), and Tale e quale show (2012). In addition, she won the title of Miss World Italia in 2002 and placed third in the Miss Italia 2005 competition.

Italian showgirl, model, and actress Pamela Camassa Image 3

Argentine swimmer and athlete Delfina Pignatiello

Argentine swimmer Delfina Pignatiello

Delfina Pignatiello is an Argentine swimmer and athlete.

At age 17, Delfina Pignatiello holds multiple swimming records and is the World Junior Champion. She is the fourth individual with an under 16-minute time in the women’s 1500. At the 2017 FINA World Junior Championships, she shattered two previous Argentina youth records in the 100 and 200 freestyle.

Australian reality television personality Rachael Gouvignon

Australian television personality Rachael Gouvignon

Born in Australia, Rachael Gouvignon is a reality television personality.

Rachael Gouvignon was a star on the popular reality television program The Bachelor: Australia. She participated in the 4th season back in 2016. However, she came in fourth place out of 25 women who competed. She interviewed for magazines and television outlets regarding her time on The Bachelor: Australia. Also, she promotes detox tea, hair straighteners, tanning lotions, and other health and fitness products. Furthermore, she has a career as a real estate agent working for Wright Real Estate. Lastly, she is an ocean lover and beach addict who, from photos, never seems to leave the beach.

South African actress Angelique Gerber

South African actress Angelique Gerber

Born in Johannesburg, Angelique Gerber is a South African model.

Angelique Gerber operated out of Johannesburg, South Africa for most of her life. She starred in the Canadian soap opera 7de Laan, where she portrays the character Clara. Furthermore, she starred in the Canadian film Disposable Life (2002). Lastly, she presented a television series on KykNet.

NEW (March, 2018 by Sxl Divat) photo of Hungarian handballer Szabina Tapai

Hungarian handballer Szabina Tapai (photos by Puha Liza and Sxl Divat)

Born in Kiskunhalas, these are NEW (March, 2018 by Puha Liza and Sxl Divat) photos of Hungarian handballer Szabina Tapai.

NEW (March, 2018 by Puha Liza) photo of Hungarian handballer Szabina Tapai

Szabina Tapai plays handball for Szent Istvan SE in the 2nd league. She won Hungarian Junior Handballer of the Year in 2004. She earned a Silver Medal at Magyar Kupa 2006 and a Bronze Medal at the Youth European Championship back in 2003. Lastly, she was the winner of the EHF Cup back in 2005.

NEW (March, 2018) photos of Japanese idol and singer Ai Shinozaki (2 Images)

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Ai Shinozaki is a Japanese gravure idol and singer.

NEW (March, 2018) photo of Japanese gravure idol, singer, and former member of AeLL Ai Shinozaki Image 2

Ai Shinozaki is a former member of AeLL, a Japanese musical group, from 2011-2014. The group released multiple singles and albums. Her career started as a model back in 2006 at the young age of 14. Later, in 2009, she appeared on the front covers of Young Animal and Weekly Young Jump. After her modeling career, she went on to become a pop idol. She released multiple singes, her most recent from 2016. Lastly, she featured in photo albums, magazines, DVD collections, television dramas, and films.

American television personality, socialite, businesswoman, and model Kourtney Kardashian

American television personality Kourtney Kardashian

Born in Los Angeles, California, Kourtney Kardashian is a television personality, socialite, businesswoman, and model.

This is not the best pose picture. But it is something. I am not a fan of anything involving the Kardashians. Kourtney Kardashian rose to fame after the leak of a sex tape by her sister Kim and Kim’s former boyfriend. In addition, Kourtney stars in the reality television programs Keeping Up with the Kardasians (2007-present), Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami (2011-2012), and Kourtney and Kim Take New York (2011-2012). Finally, Kourtney and her family have a large voice in the retail, reality television, and fashion industries.