Abi Tucker's Feet up in the air in the pose

Abi Tucker’s feet tease you while staring and enticing

Abi is an Australian singer and songwriter. In this pose, she stares into the camera with her soles and feet up in the air. This is the best type of pose picture. Her eyes entice you to start touching yourself while staring about licking, sucking, and smelling her feet. Also, Abi wears what appears to be black pantyhose. This enhances the smell and the pleasure that all of us foot fetishists receive.

Abi Tucker started walking on her own 2 feet in Australia.

Abi Tucker is an Australian singer, songwriter, and actress.

Other Australian celebrities and Abi Tucker’s feet

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Abi Tucker on Instagram

Abi Tucker only has over 2,100 followers on her Instagram page. While not near as much as the other famous celebrities, her feet are still pretty damn fantastic. Click the button below to open her Instagram profile to view all photos and images.

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