Bree Kleintop's feet in a great pose and view of her butt while posing

American surfer and model Bree Kleintop’s Feet in 4 poses

Bree Kleintop’s feet are some of the best surfer feet I have seen. These four poses really bring out the sexiness of her feet, and imagining them on a surfboard riding the waves is intoxicating.

Bree Kleintop was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States where she is a model and surfer. She gained recognition in 2015 for appearing in Surfing Magazine’s 2015 swimsuit issue. She started surfing at age 13. Later, she went on to model and advertise for brands such as O’Neill Women’s and Dragon Eyewear.

Bree Kleintop’s feet and the U.S. celebrity feet in the pose archives

If you love surfer Bree Kleintop’s feet, then check out the United States female celebrity pose archives. The American celebrity female pose archives are the largest on the website with thousands of pose images. Click on the button below to open a new window with the United States pose.

Bree Kleintop on socials

Bree is most active on Instagram, where she has over 545,000 followers. Clicking on the button below will open a new window with her social profile.

Bree Kleintop feet up in the air while throwing a peace sign
Bree Kleintop raises her feet into the air on the beach while lying down on her stomach and signing peace.
Bree Kleintop feet rise into the air once again in this beach side pose for a company
Bree Kleintop kicks her feet into the air while she lies down on her stomach near the water with her legs up.
Bree Kleintop feet rise in the background while she faces the camera in this amazing pose
Bree Kleintop’s feet kick into the air while she lays down on her stomach in this black-and-white pose.

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