Andrea Veresova's feet up in the air while she poses on the deck of a boat

Andrea Veresova poses in a bathing suit flashing 2 sexy soles and legs

Andrea Veresova’s feet are based in Žilina.

This pose is good, but does not offer us the best angle and picture of Andrea Veresova’s feet. However, we can still see that her feet are worthy of some worship, but not as much as some other celebrities. However, we get a glimpse of her butt and we can for sure say that is worthy. Also, her smile is gorgeous, and she rocks some killer sunglasses. She also receives points for a unique pose on the deck of a boat with the ocean in the background. Regardless, Andrea Veresova’s feet would be easily worshiped should a foot fetishist be on the boat with her. No questions asked.

Andrea is a Slovak model and beauty queen. Andrea Veresova crowned Miss Slovakia in 1999. Also, in 2010, she appeared on the cover of the Czech edition Playboy.

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