Dena Kaplan's Feet up in the air on the largest celebrity pose website on the web.

Australian actress, model, and dancer Dena Kaplan

Dena Kaplan’s feet gained fame for her role as Abigail Armstrong in the television series Dance Academy. Staring at her feet, we see some sexy dancing toes and soles. Dancer’s feet are usually hit or miss in terms of sexiness. But I believe that Dena really pulls off some sexy feet! When it comes to dancing, feet are heavily used, pressed, stomped, and tossed around. This may lead to wear and tear of toes, soles, arches, and heels. But some dancers simply have gorgeous feet. Dena Kaplan is one of them!

Dena’s feet appear small, but that does not mean you cannot shove her celebrity feet into your mouth.

Dena Kaplan’s feet and other Australian poses

View Dena Kaplan and other Australian female celebrities in the pose with their sexy feet up in the air! Click the button below to open the Australia archives.

Dena Kaplan on Instagram

Dena Kaplan boasts over 217,000 followers on her Instagram profile. Click the button below to open her profile page.

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