Michelle Rodriguez shows her feet in the pose

Michelle Rodriguez’s Feet ~~ Celebrity Feet in the Pose

Michelle Rodrigeuz redefines beauty in a powerful pose showing off both celebrity feet and soles while gazing into the camera.

Michelle Rodriguez was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1978.

Michelle Rodriguez’s Celebrity Feet and Celebrity Soles

While we cannot see much of her soles in this particular pose, we can see a partial shot of them. They appear to be wrinkled, with toes that appear to not have the best alignment. However, her seductive gaze into the camera more than makes up for this and sends a chill down those who observe her pose. Also, her pose appears intense and not to mention powerful at the same time; giving more power to her feet and making the pose in general for intoxicating to bare witness.

Celebrity Status

Michelle Rodriguez is an American actress who gained her first break-out star role in the film Girlfight. This film earned her multiple awards, including an award for Best Debut Performance. She gained further fame in the Fast & Furious franchise.

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