Rose McIver stares into the camera while lying down on her stomach with her celebrity feet, soles, and toes in the air in undead fashion

Rose McIver in a zombie pose!

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Rose McIver shows a pose with a toe-tag on her toe

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Rose McIver came into the mainstream spotlight with the film The Lovely Bones (2009). She is the current star of The Cw’s iZombie (2015-present). She also had minor roles in Once Upon a Time (2013-2014, 2017 – nine episodes) and Masters of Sex (2013-2014 – nine episodes). She has also starred in various films, including the upcoming films A Christmas Prince (2017) and Brampton’s Own (TBA). In the past, she has starred in Brightest Star (2013) and Blinder (2013).

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