Sherine Abdel's feet showing both soles and toes in the air

Sherine Abdel wants you to stare at her decadent soles and get erect in 10 seconds

Sherine Abdel’s feet have small toes and smaller-looking feet. The second pose below shows her flipping a heel around one foot, while her second foot is bare. She teases her heels, and this is incredibly sexy. We do not see many breasts or butt in these poses and therefore are classified as only sifecta poses.

Born in Cairo, Sherine Abdel is an Egyptian singer, actress, and television host. Sherine Abdel appeared as a coach on Mbc the Voice (2012-2015). Over the years, she released multiple singles and albums. Also, she appeared in various television shows and programs. Furthermore, she boasts over 7.8 million followers on her social media. Lastly, she widely considered to have the most powerful and unique voice across Egypt.

Sherine Abdel’s feet and the Egypt Archives

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Sherine Abdel's feet up in the air
Sherine Abdel’s feet rise into the air with heels on while she lays down in the pose

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