Swedish high jumper and Olympic athlete Emma Green's feet

Emma Green’s feet

Emma Green’s feet are pretty damn impressive for an athlete. Normally, athletic feet are worn down, worn-out, and rough. However, Emma’s feet look great. They seem moisturized and smooth. But the best part is that her feet are longer, and not very wide. Also, skinny and long feet are the best type of feet for a woman. Her toes are perfect in length and alignment. The long length of her feet from heel to toe just makes us want to run our tongue up and down the length.

Born in Bergsjon, Gothenburg, Emma Green is a retired Swedish high jumper and former Olympic athlete. She competed and won multiple different models across championship series and Olympic events.

Emma Green’s feet in the Sweden archives

If you love long, skinny and smooth feet, you need to check out the Sweden archives here on Celebrity Feet in the Pose. Emma Green is listed in those archives. Click on the button below to open a new window with the Swedish celebrity female pose archives.

Emma Green on socials

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find many social networks for Emma Green. Not that I blame her for not being on them. Social networks are terrible unless you are a celebrity.

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