Eva Bushmina's feet rise into the air with a smug look into the camera

Ukrainian singer and dancer Eva Bushmina’s Feet

Eva Bushmina’s feet are incredibly smooth. The sole clearly showing in this pose image is among the smoothest among celebrities. We cannot see any butt or breasts/cleavage action, which classifies this pose as a sifecta. However, the smoothness of her feet and legs more than make up for it. Also, her stare into the camera while posing is erotic and enticing. Furthermore, her toe alignment and length is hard to determine from this particular pose angle. However, I do not believe this to be a problem judging from the smoothness of her feet.

Born in Dovzhansk, Ukraine, Eva Bushmina is a Ukrainian singer. Her music and songs are available across multiple platforms including YouTube, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

Eva Bushmina’s feet and the Ukraine archives

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Eva Bushmina and her socials

Eva Bushmina is most active on her Instagram profile, where she has over 47,000 followers and counting. Click on the button below to open a new window containing her full Instagram page and profile.

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