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Afghan actress Azita Ghanizada

Azita Ghanizada shows off an intoxicating pose bedside with her 2 feet

Azita Ghanizada started walking on her sexy bare feet in Kabul.

Azita is n Afghan actress.

Azita Ghanizada started acting in 2004. Her multi-ethnicity enabled her to star in Indian, Arabic, Iranian, Mediterranean, and American roles. Most noteworthy, she landed the lead role in the Syfy channel series Alphas. Furthermore, she had a main role in General Hospital: Night Shift (2008). In addition, her more recent film and television work includes Killroy Was Here (2017) and Ellen More or Less (2015). Azita founded the MENA Arts Advocacy Coalition (MAAC), where she lobbies for Middle Eastern North African (MENA) performers. Lastly, she continues to speak on issues of gender and equality across her social media platforms.

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