Bushra judges you with 3 intense poses to indulge

Look at that face and how judgmental it is. HERE IS YOUR CHALLENGE.

You must stare at her face and feet, alternating back and forth. Stare at her eyes, feel judged. Stare at her soles and feet, feel pleasure. Do not stop. Keep staring at those feet. Now, start thinking what you would do with them.

Lick them, suck them, feel them, experience them.

Born in England but of Egyptian descent, Bushra is an Egyptian actress, singer, and producer.

Bushra won the Best Actress award at the Dubai International Film Festival for her role in the film 678. Also, she is the COO and founder of ElGouna Film Festival. Lastly, she is well-known in the Egypt and Arab world as an actress, singer, and producer.

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