Donna Air's feet up in the air in an unusual angle with the pose

English television presenter and actress Donna Air

To start, this is a very unique pose with an angle just as unique. This is an aerial view of the pose. Now, granted only one foot is clearly visible, the unique of this pose is the angle. We get a clear shot of her butt, but she wears clothes. Also, her gaze up into the camera is very erotic and intoxicating. This definitely increases the pleasure and the feelings experienced.

Born in Newcastle, England, English media personality, singer, and actress Donna Air started her career at the young age of 10 on the CBBC series Byker Grove. She announced that she will be taking part in the 10th series of Dancing on Ice.

Donna Air’s New Pose! [Update]

Donna Air has a new pose that was posted on January 23, 2018. Click on the date/button below to open a new window with the new Donna Air pose on Celebrity Feet in the Pose!

Donna Air’s feet and the United Kingdom

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Donna Air on social media

Donna Air is most active on the Instagram social media. On Instagram, she is very close to 100,000 followers. Click on the button below to open a new window containing her Instagram page and profile.

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