Tamsen Fadal's feet with a gorgeous laugh and smile in the pose bedside

Tamsen Fadal’s Feet ~~ Celebrity Feet in the Pose

Tamsen Fadal is a Lebanese television journalist and Emmy award winning news anchor.

Tamsen Fadal’s feet appear to be smaller in size as compared to other celebrities (models, for example). However, her feet appear smooth, and the pads (upper sole) of her foot would show wrinkles of she scrunched her feet. In addition, her toes appear to be smaller than average. While this turns on some foot fetishists, I prefer longer toes for the sucking value. Examining her poses more in-depth, Tamsen possesses some fantastic eyes that sparkle while she stares into the camera. These three poses surely are a sight to behold.

Tamsen Fadal’s Feet and Lebanese celebrities

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Tamsen Fadal and social media

Tamsen currently has over 29,000 followers on her Instagram social media. Click on the button below to open a new window containing her full Instagram profile and page.

Tamsen Fadal's feet pose in the air in this erotic pose
Tamsen Fadal shows off in the pose despite being almost fully clothed.
Tamsen Fadal's feet in the pose while on a bed
Tamsen Fadal poses on the bed with her feet up in the air

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