Karishma Kotak's feet up in the background while she stares into the camera

British model and actress Karishma Kotak’s feet

Karishma Kotak’s feet are gorgeous with some amazing smooth soles. The heels, soles, and arch of her feet are worthy of worship. Also, her smirk and stare into the camera makes the pose even more powerful. Furthermore, she has great long hair, and legs that are smooth to the touch. While we cannot see any breasts or butt action in this pose, her feet are incredibly sexy despite a sifecta pose.

Karishma Kotak is a British and Indian model, actress, and television presenter. Her modeling career launched at the young age of 16 and she began working in the industry ever since. Lastly, her modeling career helped launch her acting career while she worked in India.

Karishma Kotak’s feet and the United Kingdom archives

If you enjoy Karishma Kotak, check out where she was born! The United Kingdom archives on Celebrity Feet in the Pose list many different female celebrity poses. Click on the link below to open the United Kingdom celebrity pose archives.

Karishma Kotak on socials

Karishma Kotak is most active on the Instagram social media, where she has over 961,000 followers. Click on the link below to open a new window with her Instagram page.

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