Samantha KO taking a selfie while lying on her stomach with her bare feet and soles in the background

Samantha KO shows off a beautiful pose with her 2 celebrity feet in the air

Samantha KO takes a selfie while lying down on her stomach with her sexy feet and soles showing in the background.

Samantha KO was born in Nanjing, China. Samantha is a Chinese actress and model.

What is Samantha famous for?

Samantha gained fame for being a former Miss Hong Kong contestant. She appeared in films such as The Sexy Guys (2019), Never Too Late (2017), and From Vegas to Macau II (2015).

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Samantha Ko’s Social Media Status

Samantha boasts over 7.8k followers on her Instagram. View her profile here:


  1. Ko Hoi Ning is so beautiful and has such a lovely smiling face and such lovely feet, soles and toes!

  2. I give her a nice foot massage any day. She has perfect feet. She’s beautiful and a slamming body! 😍😘

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