Liu Yifei in the pose

Liu Yifei flaunts very smooth soles and feet in 3 fascinating poses

Born in Wuhan, China, Liu Yifei is a Chinese actress, model, and singer.

Liu Yifei’s Celebrity Status and Fame

Liu gained recognition in the entertainment industry under the name Fairy Sister. In 2009, she was named as one of the New Four Dan actresses. Also, she played Mulan in the Walt Disney Company’s live-action film Mulan.

Liu’s Sexy Feet and Soles in the Pose

Liu has some gorgeous feet that are very smooth in the soles. Furthermore, her feet are long in width, which is generally how I judge the beauty of feet on women. With longer length, feet appear more feminine, and this is definitely something that Liu succeeds at.

Liu and the China Archives

View Liu, and other Chinese celebrities, in the China archives. Click on “Visit China” to open a new window containing all celebrity poses emerging from this country.

Liu Yifei
Liu Yifei showing off a face mask in the pose
Liu Yifei

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