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    1. Kate Beckinsale can be found at this link: https://celebrityfeetinthepose.com/2015/06/english-actress-kate-beckinsale/

      Sharni Vinson can be found at this link: https://celebrityfeetinthepose.com/2015/08/australian-model-actress-and-dancer-sharni-vinson-2-images/

      Rosie Jones can be found at this link: https://celebrityfeetinthepose.com/2015/05/english-glamour-model-rosie-jones/

      Emily Ratajkowski can be found at this link: https://celebrityfeetinthepose.com/2015/06/english-model-and-actress-emily-ratajkowski/

      Stephanie McIntosh can be found at this link: https://celebrityfeetinthepose.com/2015/06/australian-actress-and-singer-stephanie-mcintosh/

      Natalie Portman can be found at the following links:

      Eva Green can be found at this link: https://celebrityfeetinthepose.com/2015/05/french-actress-and-model-eva-green/

      Eva Mendes can be found at this link: https://celebrityfeetinthepose.com/2015/05/american-actress-model-and-singer-eva-mendes/

      Michelle Rodriguez can be found at this link: https://celebrityfeetinthepose.com/2015/05/american-actress-and-screenwriter-michelle-rodriguez/

      Rihanna can be found at this link: https://celebrityfeetinthepose.com/2015/08/barbadian-singersongwriter-actress-and-designer-rihanna/

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      Anna Sohpia Robb can be found at this link: https://celebrityfeetinthepose.com/2015/05/american-actress-and-model-annasophia-robb/

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