Julieta Camano's feet on Celebrity Feet in the Pose

Argentine journalist, actress, and host Julieta Camano’s feet in 5 poses

Julieta Camano’s feet are slender, long and just how every female foot should be. We can also see some slight wrinkles and excellent toes in these poses. Furthermore, most of these poses are on the beach, so we see her butt and breasts on some of the below poses.

Julieta Camano is an Argentine television and radio host on Right Now on c5n Quinta Temporada. Also, she hosts for Radio10.

Julieta Camano’s feet in the Argentina pose archives

You can also find Julieta Camano in the Argentina pose archives, where all those female celebrities pose from Argentina. Click on the button below to open a new window to browse entire Argentina pose collection.

Julieta on the social networks

Julieta is most active on Instagram social media, where she has over 151,000 followers and rising. Click on the button below to open a new window to her entire Instagram page.

Julieta Camano's feet in the air while posing on the beach
Julieta Camano poses on the beach while kicking her celebrity legs, feet, soles, and toes into the air.
Julieta Camano's feet kick up while lying down on a towel on the beach
Lying down on the beach, Julieta Camano’s legs rise into the air while lying down on her stomach in a rear view.
Julieta Camano's feet on the beach once again while she looks into the camera and poses
Julieta Camano kicks her feet and legs up on the sandy beach while she poses.
Julieta Camano's feet in a selfie-style type of pose with her feet in the background
Here Julieta Camano’s feet show in the background in this selfie-style kind of pose.

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