Serbian singer Goca Trzan's feet up in the air while she stares into the camera

Serbian singer Goca Trzan’s Feet

Goca Trzan’s feet are pretty long and smooth and show how worthy of worship they are. Also, we see a nice view of her butt in addition to her feet, making this a great bifecta pose since both butt and feet show. Her feet show some slight wrinkles, and we cannot see much about her toes. But judging from her soles and great length of her feet, her toe alignment is probably more than fine.

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, is a popular Serbian singer. Also, she has recorded five solo albums including: Plavi ram (2008), Otrov u caj (2004), Peta strana sveta (2002), Zelim da se promenim (2001), and U niskom letu (1999). Furthermore, she released multiple singles, with her most recent singles being Pisi Propalo – Radijski festival 2010, Sanker – Budva 2010, and K’o Ljudi (duet with Al’ Dino) – Radijski festival 2007.

Goca Trzan’s feet and the Serbia archives

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Goca Trzan on social media

Goca is most active on Instagram where she has over 560,000 followers. Click on the link below to open a new window with her full Instagram profile.

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