Spanish actress Paloma Bloyd (3 Images)

Spanish actress Paloma Bloyd Image #1

Spanish actress Paloma Bloyd showing her celebrity feet and celebrity soles in THE POSE via Celebrity Feet in the Pose: The largest celebrity pose database on the web. Browse all Spanish celebrities in the Spain Archives.
Spanish actress Paloma Bloyd Image #3

Paloma Bloyd has had roles in film, television, theater, and short films. Her most recent films include Little Galicia (2015) and Sorry If I Call You Love (2014).

Spanish actress Paloma Bloyd Image #2

Her most recent television roles include Borgia (2013), Red Eagle (2011-present), and The Boat (2011-2012). She was a part of theater for her role in Adultery (2008-2010). And her most recent short films include I Feel Lost (2012) and The First Night (2012).

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