American actress Krista Donargo

American actress Krista Donargo’s feet in 2 poses

Krista Donargo’s feet are some of the sexiest on Celebrity Feet in the Pose. Her feet are the perfect length and width and have the smoothest soles. Also, her toes have the perfect curve to fit into the mouth. These feet are amazing and staring at them just arouses and entices. Her smirk in the second pose is erotic and demands that you look at her feet. Lastly, it appears that she knows her feet are perfection and among the hottest on the website.

Born in Manhattan, New York City, Krista Donargo began acting in 2010 with roles in multiple video shorts including The Muse (2010) and The Nearness in You (2012). Her more prominent major roles came in ’79 Parts (2016) where she portrayed the character Autumn and in Land of Smiles (2017) where she portrayed the character, Penny. She also starred in another video short Wandering Bark (2017).

Krista Donargo’s feet and the United States archives

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Krista Donargo's feet in the pose with a smirk
Krista Donargo’s feet up in the air while she drinks coffee or tea and looks off-camera

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