Annelien Coorevits feet up in the air while she poses topless

Belgian presenter and model Annelien Coorevits Feet

Annelien Coorevits feet show a nice toe spread and a sexy butt through a swimsuit. Also, her soles appear to be smooth with slight wrinkles. Furthermore, her toes appear to be in good alignment even with the toe spread. While she is topless, we cannot see much of her breasts as she covers them up with her arm. This does classify as a trifecta pose since we can see Annelien Coorevits feet, soles, toes, butt, and the fact she is topless. Lastly, her stare into the camera makes the pose more powerful and appealing.

Born in Wevelgem, Belgium, Annelien Coorevits is a Belgian television presenter and model. She represented Belgium at Miss Universe 2007 and is a television presenter for VIJF.

Annelien Coorevits Feet and the Belgian archives

Annelien Coorevits can also be found in the Belgium archives, alongside other female celebrity poses from Belgium. Click on the link below to open a new window of all current Belgium female celebrity poses.

Annelien Coorevits rocks social media

Annelien is most active on her Instagram profile and platform, where she has over 104,000 followers. Click on the link below to open a new window with her complete Instagram profile.

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