Finnish actress and model Pia Pakarinen

Finnish actress and model Pia Pakarinen

Born in Juuka, Finland, Pia Pakarinen was crowned Miss Finland 2011 and represented the country of Finland at the 2011 Miss Universe pageant. However, she later resigned this title during a national television broadcast. Pia stated that the beauty pageant organizer¬†Finnartist Oy and its chairman, Eino Makunen, were unprofessional and offered no support for her title reign. Shortly after her resignation announcement, Finnartist Oy and chairman Eino Makunen announced who they felt should have won the Miss Finland 2011 title in the first place; no doubt confirming Pia’s theory of pageant and organizational corruption.

Pia has since changed her name to Pia Lamberg and in 2013, she was cast on the American television series SAF3.

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