Italian television host and model Elisa Isoardi (2 Images)

Born in Cuneo, Piedmont, Elisa Isoardi is an Italian television presenter and model.

Italian television presenter and model Elisa Isoardi Image 2


Elisa Isoardi is the current host of the early morning program Unomattino on Rai Uno. She received the Miss Cinema title in 2000 at the Miss Italia pageant. Furthermore, she hosted various programs since 2000, including Castrocaro Festival (2007), Saturday & Sunday Summer (2008), Chef’s Test (2008), and The Columns of Hercules (2009).

She replaced Antonella Clerici on the television series La Prova de Cuoco (AKA Ready, Steady, Cook) from 2008-2010. Lastly, her most recent television presentations include Buono a sapersi – A tavola in salute (2017) and Tempo e denaro (2016-2017).

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