Serbian actress Andjelka Prpic's feet

Serbian actress Andjelka Prpic’s feet in 2 poses

Serbian actress Andjelka Prpic's feet up in the air on the beach
Andjelka Prpic’s feet rise into the air while she lies down on her stomach on a beach towel staring into the camera.

Born in Pozarevac, Serbia, Andjelka Prpic graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Novi Sad. She is primarily known for her role in the television series Жене са Дедиња (“Women from Dedinje” 2011-2015). She has also made appearances in Козје уши (2017-present), Андрија и Анђелка (2015-2016), Мешано месо (2011), Наша мала клиника (2010), Горки плодови (2008), and Улица липа (2007).

Andjelka Prpic’s feet and the Serbia archives

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Andjelka Prpic on social media

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