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Brazilian singer and songwriter Wanessa Camargo (2 Images)


Brazilian singer and songwriter Wanessa Camargo showing her celebrity feet and celebrity soles in THE POSE via Celebrity Feet in the Pose: The largest celebrity pose database on the web.

Born in Golania, Golas, Brazil, Wanessa Camargo started her musical career in 2000 when she signed with BMG and released her self-titled debut album, Wanessa Camargo. Her genre of music focuses on country and pop styles. She released two more albums in 2001 and 2002, also self-titled. She signed with Sony Music in 2005 and transitioned into pop music. Her fourth album was considered her most successful, titled W that was released in 2005. She has since released even more albums including Total (2007), Meu Momento (2009), and DNA (2011).

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