NEW (March 2018) photos of Japanese idol and singer Ai Shinozaki (2 Images)

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Ai Shinozaki is a Japanese gravure idol and singer. Ai Shinozaki is a former member of AeLL, a Japanese musical group, from 2011-2014. The group released multiple singles and albums. Her career started as a model back in 2006 at the young age of 14. Later, in 2009, she appeared on the front covers of Young Animal and Weekly Young Jump. After her modeling career, she went on to become a pop idol. She released multiple singes, her most recent from 2016. Lastly, she featured in photo albums, magazines, DVD collections, television dramas, and films.

NEW (March, 2018) photo of Japanese gravure idol, singer, and former member of AeLL Ai Shinozaki Image 2

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