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American country music singer Adley Stump's feet

American country music singer Adley Stump

Adley Stump’s feet rise into the air while she lies down on the floor. Her feet are long, which in my opinion makes her feet incredibly sexy. Her soles appear in great shape and definitely worthy of worship. Furthermore, we see great toe length and toe alignment, adding power to her pose. In addition, we barely see a tattoo on the side of her right foot. Feet tattoos can be very sexy, or very damaging to feet. Fortunately, Adley’s tattoo looks great from what we can see of it in this pose.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Adley Stump is an American country singer. Adley Stump became famous on the second season of The Voice in 2012. She was eliminated early, but went on to a successful career. She has released singles “Stay At Home Soldier,” and “Don’t Wanna Love Him.” She received the GRAMMY Amplifier award in 2016.

Adley Stump’s feet in the United States section

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