Wengie shows off her YouTube feet in 2 poses sure to incite pleasure in you

Wengie started walking on bare feet in Guangzhou, China.

Wengie, also known as Wen Jie Huang, is a Chinese YouTuber.

Wengie moved to Australia during her childhood. Wen Jie Huang (AKA Wengie) is a YouTube personality, vlogger, singer, and voice actress. Her YouTube channel boasts over 10 million subscribers. She started her YouTube channel in 2012 and posts videos about beauty, fashion, and DIY tips. Later, she released her first music single in 2017 titled “Baby Believe Me”. It peaked at #6 on the Chinese music charts. Lastly, she voiced the character “Bliss” in the Australian and New Zealand version of The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four movie.

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She boasts over 14 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Click on “Visit Channel” to open a new window containing her full channel and videos.

Chinese YouTuber, singer, vlogger, and voice actress Wengie

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