Judith Vegh

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Hungarian actress Judith Vegh

Born in Hungary, Judith Vegh is a Hungarian actress. Judith Vegh starred in Magic Eros (1999), Inside Budapest (1996), and more.

United States of America

Jenna Fischer

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American actress Jenna Fischer

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jenna Fischer is an American actress. Jenna Fischer starred in the NBC Sitcom, The Office (2005-2013), where she received recognition with a comedy award nomination.


Ana Hickmann

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NEW (August, 2018) photo of Brazilian model Ana Hickmann

Born in Santa Cruz do Sul, this is a new pose image (August, 2018) of Brazilian model Ana Hickmann. Ana Hickmann worked for Victoria’s Secret, Nivea, L’Oreal, Wella, and Bloomingdales. Also, she made appearances in the South African version of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, GQ, and Vogue.  


Cindy Kimberly

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Born in Amsterdam, this is a new (August, 2018) pose image of Dutch model Cindy Kimberly. Cindy Kimberly has millions of Instagram followers. Ironically, she is famous due to another celebrity posting a photo of her and asking who she was: She became famous overnight.


Emily Tennant

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Canadian actress Emily Tennant

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Emily Tennant is a Canadian actress. Emily Tennant appears in episodes of multiple television shows across multiple networks. Also, she starred in various low budget and other films.


Nancy Paradeisanou

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Greek journalist Nancy Paradeisanou

Born in Athens, Nancy Paradeisanou is a Greek journalist. Nancy Paradeisanou started her career with People magazine. Later, she presented for Alpha TV and made appearances on Spiti mou spitaki mou and DETH: 76 hronia istoria. Lastly, she blogs about life and fashion.