These sex dolls will always pose for you.
Canadian model Rebekka Weigand

Canadian model Rebekka Weigand’s feet in 3 poses

Rebekka Weigand’s feet are some of the sexiest to emerge out of Canada. We see some great natural wrinkles to her feet that are just the right shape, depth and size. Also, we see some great toe-length and the alignment of her toes is heaven. Furthermore, the seize of her feet is perfect for a woman and begs worship.

Her feet are nice and long, and not too wide to be overbearing. In addition, we see great shots of her butt throughout all three of these poses. Her intense stare contributes to the sexy and erotic nature of her poses. She is a natural at it.

Born in Canada, Rebekka Weigand is a Canadian model.

Rebekka Weigand’s feet in the Canada section

Rebekka also makes an appearance in the Canada section of the website. Access this through the N. America menu, or through the button below.

Rebekka on socials

Rebekka does have a Flickr account, which is about all of her social media I could find. She has over 6,000 followers. Use the link below to open her Flickr feed.

Canadian model Rebekka Weigand's feet
Rebekka Weigand’s feet rise into the air in this beach pose while she stares into the camera. This pose also includes a great shot of her butt alongside her feet.
Canadian model Rebekka Weigand's feet in a second pose
Rebekka Weigand kicks her legs, feet, soles, and toes in the air in this beachside pose with tight jeans. She stares into the camera with ferocity as if demanding you stare at her feet.

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