Sri Lankan actress Shalani Tharaka's feet in the air while she watches television

Shalani Tharaka’s feet in 2 poses on the bed

Shalani Tharaka’s feet are gorgeous, even with the soles facing away. We do not need to see her soles to know her soles look amazing. We cannot get a clear look at her soles, but they may be slightly wrinkled looking at the rest of her feet. Her second toe appears larger than her big toe, but that is still sexy in my book. In addition, we see her butt popping out of her dress, so these poses could be classified as bifecta poses. Lastly, her skin appears to be smooth from what we can see, and her hair further complements her body and feet as a whole.

Born in Balangoda, Sri Lanka, Shalani Tharaka is a Sri Lankan actress. Also, Shalani Tharaka won the Sri Lankan beauty pageant in 2007 on the Sirasa TV network. Furthermore, she starred in many leading roles in various Sri Lankan teledramas, commercials, and music videos.

Shalani Tharaka on social media

Shalani is active on social media, primarily Instagram. She has over 749,000 followers. Click on the button below to open a new window with her full Instagram page and profile.

Sri Lankan actress Shalani Tharaka's feet in the pose
Shalani Tharaka’s feet up in the air in the rear-view as Shalani lies on her stomach in the pose.

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