American host Amanda Salas's feet in the pose

Amanda Salas’s Feet from 2018

Born in Los Angeles, Amanda Salas is an American host. Amanda Salas is an Entertainment Reporter on Fox LA and Good Day LA.


Considering the darkness of the pose photo, we do not get the best view of Amanda Salas’s feet. However, we can make out the general shape of her body, which is amazing. Her feet appear to have natural arches and complement the tone and smoothness of her legs. While we cannot see her breasts or butt in this pose, her feet more than make up for it. This pose image is only ranked as a sifecta, since her butt or breasts are not showing in addition to her feet.

Amanda Salas now has a new pose available for viewing. The new pose is from 2020. Click on the link below to open a new window containing Amanda Salas’s new pose from 2020.

Amanda Salas and socials

Amanda is most active on the Instagram social platform, as most celebrities. Currently, she has over 50,000 followers at the time of post update. Click on the link below to open a new window with her Instagram page and story.

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