New Zealand television presenter Amber Peebles's feet

Amber Peebles shows off a gorgeous pose via bedside

Examining Amber Peebles’s feet in this pose, we see some fantastic smooth soles and even a slight toe spread. Speaking of her toes, they appear to be in natural alignment (descending) as they should be. Also, her smooth legs match the smoothness of her soles. Furthermore, her brunette air really bring out the sexiness of her feet. In addition, we see two distinct color tones and variations from the heel of her feet up to her toes; with her soles lighter in color than the rest of her feet. Incredibly sexy.

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Amber Peebles is a television presenter and former Miss World New Zealand. Amber Peebles competed at Miss International 2003 and Miss World 2004. Also, she hosted the morning show for More FM from 2011 to 2012. Lastly, she is a fashion editor for Remix Magazine and a New Zealand ambassador for Westfield Group and American Express.

Amber Peebles’s Feet and the New Zealand archives

View Amber Peebles’s feet, and other New Zealand female celebrity poses in the New Zealand archives. While there are currently only four celebrities in the New Zealand archives, they are incredible and intoxicating poses. I recommend checking them out. Click on the link below to open a new window containing the New Zealand archives.

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