Holly Burt's feet up in the air in this fantastic pose

Holly Burt flaunts her 2 large feet that are sure to cover your face and penis

Holly Burt’s feet are big, and that makes her feet incredibly sexy. First, in these two poses, we see excellent toe alignment and toe length. In addition, we see some slight wrinkles in her soles. Also, these big feet can easily cover someone’s face and it would be a fun challenge to see if someone can fit her foot into their mouth in a foot fetish deep throat.

Born in Florida, Holly Burt is an American social icon. Holly Burt gained Instagram fame due to her long legs and amazonian stature. She stands at 6’5″ tall (198 cm) and featured in publications such as Daily Mail and the New York Post. Also, she beat out other models for the longest legs in America.

Holly Burt’s feet in a new pose from 2020! [Post Update]

Holly Burt has a brand new pose released in 2020. Click on the button below to open a new window showing this fantastic new pose from Holly Burt.

Holly Burt on socials

Holly boasts around 26,000 followers on her social media profile. Click on “Visit Profile” to open a new window containing her full story and page.

Holly Burt's feet rise into the air in this selfie-style type of pose
Holly Burt stares quizzically into the camera while lying down on her stomach with her celebrity feet, soles, and toes in the air.

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