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Nina Dobrev (via Women’s Health Magazine)

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, this is a new pose image (from Women’s Health Magazine) of Bulgarian actress Nina Dobrev.

Nina Dobrev gained fame for her role in The CW series The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017). Also, she starred in the drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation (2006-2009). She will star in the upcoming television series Fam, set to premiere in 2019. Furthermore, she will appear in Lucky Day (post-production) and Run This Town (post-production). Lastly, she boasts over 16.5 million followers on her social media profiles.

Admin here: I am a sucker for this style of foot: Longer in length, skinnier in width, long toes. Maybe I am alone on this, but this type of feet drives me wild. Another example would be Shailene Woodley.

Below is an older image of Nina Dobrev, but one not currently on the site. So I am adding this image here.

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  1. Oh I’m from Bulgaria too. I really wanna sniff your soles

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