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Up until now, Celebrity Feet in the Pose only showed celebrity pose images and short biographies, sorted by birth country. Now, I will be starting a blogging series. I have a lot to say. And I feel a lot of my users need to hear it. Some of you may be able to relate, some of you may not. Some of you may care, some of you may not. Regardless, I am someone with a story to tell. Let me start from the very beginning.

Nessy “Assenav” Perez (also known as “Nessygoesrawr”)

Who the hell is this Nessy person, and why should I care? Imagine this: we all remember the first time we saw the pose, or first stared at feet, or first realized that we were attracted to them. My first realization that I had a fetish came at the feet of a girl named Nessy.

At the time, Nessy was out of state on the other side of the country. We could not meet in person; only on a screen. Smart phones did not exist back in 2006 and the slim razor phones were all the rage. Nessy was the first girl I communicated with intimately. We met on a popular video game and hit it off. Call it love, lust, whatever the feeling was, we were experiencing it. After a while, I asked for a certain style of picture. Yes, I was nervous to ask for a specific type of picture, with her laying a certain way. But I did. And that simple question, a question that did not seem so simple for me to ask, changed my life. Finally, I asked her if I could have a picture of her lying down, on her stomach, with her feet up in the air.

Nessy’s Pose

She agreed, and sent me the first picture of the pose, the first pose picture I ever received. I still remember the feeling of staring at the image on my razor phone. Call this exaggeration, but I left reality. I left my surroundings and could not look away from my phone. It was like, time just stopped. I remember every detail. Short, brown hair; her mixed race Cuban descent; her brown eyes and tan skin. She was skinny, much like myself, and her feet were longer in length, skinnier in width. Her second toe was longer than her big toe. To this day, this is still the style of feet I find the most erotic.

Nessy sent me many more pose pictures after that. It was intoxicating. She was intoxicating. I was addicted. She posed in many different positions and from many different angles. I did not want treatment from this addiction; nor did not want treatment from her feet. I did not want treatment for the feelings, the love, the pleasure, the sensations. Fetishes can be very powerful. Also, they can be very addicting. Her feet had a unique type, long length, skinny width, long toes. Nessy was very well aware of the effect her posing had on me. But did I know this position was called the pose? Not really. I just knew it as a position I enjoyed.

As she continued to send pose pictures, my brain developed positions. Kinky positions; positions that I wanted her to force me into. Each kinky position always ended in the same way: with her feet, her soles, covering my face, or her skinny foot shoved down my mouth. Nothing is sexier than being taunted about what you like. For example, she would send me random texts, random videos, or random pictures, on random days with taunts such as “Do you want my feet? Get on the floor.” I have many examples of this, including the taunts, positions I developed, and more that I will describe in further detail in later posts.

Sadly, I lost her pose pictures, but they are still engraved in my memory. However, even if I still had her pose pictures, I would not share them. They were meant for my eyes only anyway. More stories to come. Lastly, I turn to you, the reader. Do you have a similar story? I would love to hear it. Drop a comment.

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  • Vhasdo

    Just discovered this amazing page. A crime no one seems to have commented yet! Very relatable story, and I hope you will share more in the future!

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