Ingrid Coronado in THE POSE, pose image 1

Ingrid Coronado (2 Poses)

Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Ingrid Coronado is a Mexican television personality.

Ingrid Coronado worked with many television programs and networks, including her first role as a host for Tempranito (1998). Later, she hosted and presented television programs such as La Academia Kids 2 (2014), Soy tu doble VIP (2014), and Venga la alegria (2006-2009). Also, she boasts over 903,000 followers on her Instagram profile, found here:

Feet usually get worse in appearance, texture, and style with age; including more wrinkles and discolored spots. However, I guess Ingrid’s are not the worst I have seen despite her age. Nevertheless, we all have different foot tastes (no pun intended) and preferences.

Ingrid Coronado in THE POSE, pose image 2

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  1. two GODDESS poses, ingrid best feet

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