The best feet and soles for you to lick, smell, and taste.
Stare into my soles and get hypnotized.

Brooklyn Decker (New)

Born in Kettering, Ohio, this is a new pose image of American model Brooklyn Decker.

This pose image is a bit different than most of the others on the website because it does not show soles. Nevertheless, the pose is still good, and shows some great arches and toes. Soles are not everything. The leg spread is also nice.

Brooklyn Decker gained fame for appearing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2010. Also, she worked for Victoria’s Secret 2010 Swim collection and appeared as a guest star in television shows. Furthermore, she starred in Just Go with It, Battleship, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Lastly, she boasts over 573,000 followers on her Instagram profile, found here:

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