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Johana Gomez's feet in the air while she stares into the camera from the couch

American model Johana Gomez in 3 poses

Johana Gomez’s feet are pretty wide and small, which is not something I am a fan of but there are those who enjoy feet such as these. However, she does appear to have long toes which makes up for the wide feet. She does have a visible arch that we can see and smooth soles that add value to all of her three poses.

Born in Los Angeles, Johana Gomez is an American model. Johana Gomez entered a Maxim modeling competition in 2013 and finished in the top 10. She pursued a modeling career ever since. Also, she featured in multiple music videos, cosmetic campaigns, and beer campaigns. Furthermore, she featured as a Monster girl for the Monster energy drink for four years.

Johana Gomez was placed in the United States section

Johana may also be found in the United States archives, which is the largest section of the website with over 1,000 celebrities. Use the link below to open the United States archives, or use the N. America menu.

Johana on socials

Johana is most active on the Instagram platform, where she has amassed over 157,000 followers. The button below will open her complete profile.

Johana Gomez's feet rise into the air while she stares into the camera
Johana Gomez’s kicks her legs, feet, soles, and toes into the air while she stares into the camera.
Johana Gomez's feet
Lying down on the couch, Johana Gomez rises her legs, feet, soles, and toes into the air in sexy short shorts.

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