Pamela Camassa's feet up in the air while on the beach

Pamela Camassa with some sexy soles in 2 poses

Pamela Camassa’s feet are smooth, long, and with perfect arches. Also, in the pose image below, we get a very nice pose of both her breasts and feet in the background. A trifecta pose would show her butt as well, but breasts and feet are still good enough. Her lips and sunglasses compliment her pose greatly, and really makes us foot fetishists want to sniff, smell, and lick her feet all over in worship.

Born in Prato, Italy, these are two new poses of Italian showgirl, model, and actress Pamela Camassa. Pamela started her career with the film Via del corso in 2000. Her most recent film appearance is I delitti del BarLume (2016). Also, she made appearances on television including Selfie – Le cose cambiano (2017) and Maxinho do Brazil (2014). In addition, she won the title of Miss World Italia in 2002 and placed third in the Miss Italia 2005 competition.

Pamela Camassa’s past poses

Pamela Camassa posed multiple times in the past. Click the buttons/dates below to open each post containing even more pose pictures of Pamela.

Pamela Camassa on social media

Pamela is most active on the Instagram social media, as most celebrities. Currently, Pamela has over 396,000 followers. Click on the button below to open a new window containing her full Instagram page and profile.

Pamela Camass's feet up in the air while lying down on the beach
Pamela Camassa’s feet rise up into the air while she lies down in the pose on the beach.

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