Penny Higgs

Penny Higgs – *New Posts Will Now Display Footsutra Fantasy Instructions*

Born in Australia, Penny Higgs is an Australian actress and dancer.

Penny Higgs starred in Big Brother: Australia (2001) for 19 episodes. Also, she starred in I, Frankenstein (2014). Furthermore, she boasts over 69,000 followers on her Instagram profile, found here:

View the entire Australia celebrity pose database here:

From an administrator perspective, her feet are a bit wide for my test and seem to have protrusions coming from the side. Personally, I like longer toes, and skinnier feet in width, similar to Shailene Woodley. However, the majority of foot fetishists do not really have a preference for a particular style of foot, so enjoy Penny. As a last note, generally the more beautiful women have the less attractive feet for some reason. That is my personal opinion, and something I have noticed as I started this blog.

Footsutra Options: In terms of the Footsutra, fantasy and masturbation, imagine yourself in the Guillotine; due to her long legs and ease of access of her feet into your face. To enhance the experience, put yourself on all fours. Next, place your favorite pose picture, or picture of her soles on your laptop, screen, tablet, or whatever, and place it in front of you. If you have a table, use a table to make sure her feet displayed on the screen are as close to your face as possible (to mimic her feet being in your face). Start stroking, and see how long you can last in her Guillotine.

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