Scarlett Leithold

Scarlett Leithold (Fantasy Position: Lever)

Born in Los Angeles, California, Scarlett Leithold is an American model.

Scarlett Leithold signed with Next Models, Scale Management, and Wilhemina. Also, she gained recognition as the face of Brandy Melville at only 18 years old. Her career started at age 14 when a talent scouted her in an airport. Lastly, she boasts over 2.5 million followers on her Instagram profile, found here:

Footsutra Fantasy Instructions

Due to Scarlett’s longer and skinner in width feet, the best Footsutra fantasies are the positions in which feet can slip into the mouth. In other words, skinny feet makes it easier for insertion into the mouth. It helps to imagine bobbing your head up and down the length of your feet until you cannot get her feet any further into your mouth and down your throat.

The Lever

A position in the handwritten, but not yet in the online Footsutra, is called The Lever. The position starts with the man lying down on his back. Next, the woman sits near the man’s crotch, with both of her legs extended and her feet next to his head. In other words, her legs extend out over his chest. This angle allows the woman to slip her foot into the man’s mouth. while holding onto his wrists. Furthermore, the woman makes the choice of keeping one of her feet in front of the man’s lips, toes first; or, she can slightly slip her foot into the man’s mouth. The purpose of The Lever is for the woman to keep her feet stationary, and propel the man’s mouth down the length of her foot by pulling on his wrists with her hands. In turn, this causes the man’s head and face to move forward and back, repeatedly, making him suck on the skinny width of the foot.

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