Rebecca Hall in the pose from 2018

Rebecca Hall (2018)

Born in London, England, Rebecca Hall is a British actress.

Born in London, England, Rebecca Hall is a British actress.

Rebecca Hall gained worldwide recognition for starring in Ben Affleck’s crime thriller The Town (2010). Furthermore, she started acting at age 10 in a 1992 television adaptation of The Camomile Lawn. Also, her first professional appearance was 10 years later in Mrs. Warren’s Profession, which earned her a Ian Charleson Award. From what I can find, Rebecca does not have any (or very few) social media accounts. In this day and age, I do not blame her for having any social media.


Rebecca boasts slender feet with long toes. Many of The Footsutra positions cater to this foot style. But the main position in terms of her feet would be the Lever, in which the man is forced to suck a woman’s foot by bobbing his lips up and down her whole foot.

Older Pose from 2015

Also, Rebecca posed previously in 2015. Click on “Visit Post” to open a new window to view her pose from 2015.


Lastly, view Rebecca’s full actress history by clicking on “Visit IMDB” to open a new window to her IMDB profile.

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