Allie Ayers Pose #2

Allie Ayers’s Feet ~~ Celebrity Feet in the Pose

Born in the United States, Allie Ayers is an American model.

Allie Ayers modeled for Sports Illustrated and the Wilhelmina Agency. Two more of her poses are shown below.

Taking a look at her feet, we see that they fit the category of longer in length and shorter in width. Some wrinkles also appear as well depending on the angle of the pose.

Allie Ayers’s feet in the United States archives

The United States archives contain the largest amount of celebrity poses from a large number of popular celebrities. See Allie Ayers, and many others in the largest archive on Celebrity Feet in the Pose.

Allie Ayers on social media

Allie has over 75,000 followers on her Instagram social media.

Allie Ayers's feet up in the air while she lies down on her stomach in the pose
Allie Ayers looks off-camera while lying down on her stomach with her celebrity feet, soles, legs, and toes in the air
Allie Ayers's feet are high in the air in this gorgeous pose with an even more gorgeous smile
Allie Ayers’s feet show some fabulous arches while she lays down on her stomach with her legs up in the air

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