Sarah Engels New Nov 2019

Sarah Engels flashes 2 soles in a new pose for your pleasure in late 2019

Based in Cologne, Germany, this is a new pose of German singer Sarah Engels.

“The Pose” (identified by Rhea Hayworth) is a position commonly found within the foot fetish community.

Sarah Engels gained recognition for participating in season eight of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, where she eliminated early in the top 10. Later, she returned in season ten as the runner-up. Also, she released three albums: Heartbeat (2011), Dream Team (2013), and Teil von mir (2016). Furthermore, she signed to Universal Music Group for her first two albums and to GoodToGo for her recent album.

Sarah’s feet appear to contain older-looking wrinkles or wrinkles that persist on her soles for quite some time. However, while this does not affect the arousing nature of her feet, they are still a sit to behold. Generally, in my opinion, women’s feet are more arousing when they are longer in length, and shorter in width. This enables the woman to easily slip her feet into someone’s mouth, should that be the case.

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Lastly, view Sarah, and other German-based celebrities in the German Archives. Click on “Visit Germany” to open a new window to view all celebrities posing out of Germany.


Also, Sarah boasts over 1.3 million followers on her Instagram profile. Click on “Visit Instagram” to open a new window containing her full Instagram story.

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