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Based in Brazil, Bruna Vieira is a Brazilian blogger.

Bruna also possesses her own YouTube channel to vlog about lifestyle and a beauty brand called Depois Dos Quinze.

Bruna Vieira accrued over 1.3 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she discusses lifestyle and beauty, including the brand Depois Dos Quinze. Also, she contains a strong social media presence and reported that she started blogging because of a broken heart. Furthermore, she provides viewers with fashion and style tips on her YouTube videos.

Bruna’s feet are very smooth and appealing. While the fetish community possesses various opinions on smooth versus wrinkled soles, I believe smooth prevails. IN contrast, wrinkled soles allow someone to feel the grooves and sulcus, but smooth generate more appeal in my opinion.


Bruna boasts over 384,000 followers at the time of posting on her Twitter profile. Also, click on “Visit Twitter” to open a new window containing her full Twitter feed and story.

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