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Jessica Alba poses and slaps her forbidden feet back and forth…on your face

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Walking with California feet, Jessica Alba shows off two new poses and a short video.

These are two poses and a short video clip from late 2019 on the platform TikTok.

Jessica Alba started acting at age 13 in Camp Nowhere and The Secret World of Alex Mack. Also, her acting career further excelled at the age of 19 in the television series Dark Angel. However, her major Hollywood breakthrough came in the feature film Honey (2003). Later, she went on to star in the Fantastic Four film series and both Sin City films. Recently, she appeared in L.A.’s Finest (2019-2020) and Killers Anonymous (2019).

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Jessica boasts over 17 million followers on her Instagram profile. Also, click on “Visit Instagram” to open a new window containing her full Instagram story.


Jessica boasts over 9.1 million followers on her Twitter profile. Furthermore, click on “Visit Twitter” to open a new window containing her full Twitter page.

Jessica Alba New Pose 1

Previous Poses

Jessica posted multiple times in the past. Click on “Visit Old Poses” to open a new window containing Jessica’s previous poses.

Pose Analysis

Jessica Alba posed before, but how do these new poses match up?

These two new poses and a short video clip give us more insight into the art of her pose. Rarely do we have a video of celebrities in the pose, and watching these videos shows us how she moves and taunts her feet. Does she move her legs and feet side to side? Or does she move them back and forth? Both hold significance. Per the video, she moves her legs back and forth. Generally, when a woman moves her legs in this motion, it signifies that she is playful. Furthermore, we can see her wrinkles more clearly, as well as how her wrinkles define the soles of her feet. Lastly, one must imagine your face being at the forefront of the sole slaps.

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