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From the Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, Maki Itoh is a Japanese professional wrestler.

Also, Maki Itoh is an actress, model, and idol.

Maki Itoh wrestles for Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, where she reigns as current International Princess Champion. Also, she participates as a member of the idol group Tokiwoikiru. Previously, she idolized for the group LinQ. Furthermore, she reigned as Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion four times, and the International Princess Championship one time.

Mako Itoh in the pose (2nd image)


Currently, at the time of posting, Maki boasts over 72,000 followers on her Twitter profile. Therefore, click on “Visit Twitter” to open a new window containing her full Twitter feed and story.

Japanese Archives

View Maki Itoh, and other Japanese celebrities, in the Japanese archives. Therefore, click on “Visit Japan” to open a new window containing all celebrity poses emerging from Japan.

Pose Analysis

Asian feet generally are not hype, but perhaps Maki is different.

Generally, I do not find Asian feet (Japan, China, etc.) all that appealing. However, in the case of Maki, her feet are smooth, her toes are aligned (for the most part). As a result, her feet are appealing despite my opinion on Asian feet across the world. Although, I may be biased since I have a stronger connection and arousal for female wrestling feet.

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